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Using small claims to collect on delinquent sewer accounts

Nov 17, 2014 1 Comment Print

Letter to the editor: I spoke before the November City Council meeting questioning the actions of the council and City Recorder/Manager Kellling, who at last months council meeting approved adding language to the franchise ordinance with Central Lincoln Public Utilities District, requiring they at the cities direction terminate electrical service for unpaid sewer bills. I […]

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Same Action, Different Result???

Oct 31, 2014 No Comments Print

Letter to the editor, It is always interesting to watch the sequence of political ads around election time. It gives one a window into just how stupid that the pundits think their voting constituents are. One that really sticks out this go round shows a group of doe-eyed seniors sitting in a circle around what […]

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Does Cribbins misunderstand ballot measure 6-149?

Oct 28, 2014 No Comments Print

Dear Editor, Does Cribbins misunderstand ballot measure 6-149? It seems Commissioner Cribbins, in her 10-27-14 The World newspaper op-ed, has misunderstood many issues regarding the November ballot measure 6-149 “Voice of the Voters” Charter. Ms Cribbins vehemently has rejected any input or checks and balances by the citizens over her decisions for controlling Coos County. […]

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“Good old boy’s club”

Oct 27, 2014 No Comments Print

Guest editorial by Theo Stanley We all hear about the “Good Old Boys Club” in Washington D. C. and Salem. Well, let me tell you that it is alive and well here in Coos County. You cannot make up these stories. You have to witness the crime in-progress. Here is something I witnessed in the […]

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Shut off power, really?

Oct 22, 2014 No Comments Print

Editorial by Michael Armstrong Lakeside City Council voted to add language to the Central Lincoln People’s Utility District franchise agreement ordinance, which would allow the power to be shut off for non-payment of city sewer bills. City Councilor Dietrick, during discussion asked Councilor Sherych if he had a better idea, with no reply from Councilor […]

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The film, “GMO OMG” will be shown

Oct 22, 2014 No Comments Print

The film, “GMO OMG” will be shown at @7:00 pm on October 21st at the North Bend Library and on October 28th at the Coos Bay Library. These FREE showings are jointly sponsored by the Coos Head Food Co-op and the Coquille Valley Seed Library. GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) are engineered in labs, created by […]

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Home Rule Charter

Oct 17, 2014 No Comments Print

Dear Editor – There is no Season like Political Season to bring out the Chicken Littles among us. If every sky fell that these cluckers say is going to fall, we’d be in darkness. But we’re not. Life goes on. And yes, the sun will rise in the East on November Fifth, regardless. So, just […]

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Money and pot, pot and money

Oct 10, 2014 No Comments Print

Editorial by Michael Armstrong Anticipating that the voters of Oregon will vote to legalize Marijuana use this November, cities and counties are falling all over themselves trying to capitalize on drug sales by taxing Marijuana, even the Lakeside city council is exploring this. Never mind all the evidence of Marijuana’s harmful effects, never mind the […]

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Take control

Oct 06, 2014 No Comments

Dear Editor, It is time for Coos County citizens to take control and stop the giving away and selling cheaply of our assets. It is time for the citizens to stop allowing the giving control of our assets and property tax monies to the control of private organizations and unelected paid Administrators. It is time […]

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Why Do Coos County Citizens Need and Deserve ‘This’ “Voice Of The Voters” Home Rule Charter?

Sep 26, 2014 No Comments

Editorial by Jaye Bell Dear Editor, Why Do Coos County Citizens Need and Deserve ‘This’ “Voice Of The Voters” Home Rule Charter? This Great Nation was built on a Constitutional Republic form of government. This means we were given a government where we ELECT our REPRESENTATIVES and they have CHECKS and BALANCES. Our federal and […]

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