Dunn appointed to City Council

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With a fast-draining pond of applicants, the Lakeside City Council appointed Stacy Dunn to the remaining open seat on the seven-member council at its regular meeting Thursday, June 13. Dunn fills the opening created when Mack Eubanks relocated with his job to Washington State.

The appointment follows the seating of Bert Guinn and Dean Warner on April 12, 2012. Guinn filled the seat formerly occupied by Sue Allen. A petition to recall Allen was unsuccessful, however, Allen resigned March 8, 2012. In a letter to LakesideInfo.Com, Allen wrote: “I have decided to put my energy toward those avenues of service that are positive and productive and untarnished by politics and scornful people.”

Guinn previously served as an elected Councilor from 1994-2006. Several councilors and then-mayor Gowan were recalled in 2006. Although Guinn was not named in the recall, he choose not to run for re-election.

Warner was appointed to fill the position vacated by Chrysta Swift, August 11, 2011. Swift resigned for health reasons.

Councilors Naomi Parker, Ed Langley, Dean Warner, Bert Guinn and Mayor Ed Gowan voted “Yes” to the appointment. Councilor Elaine Armstrong was the only “No” vote to the appointments of both Warner and Dunn.

Armstrong defended her vote saying, “In all good conscience I could not vote for someone that is too quick to state his opinion as well as encouraging negative action, often having to retract, and then offering apologies. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but his track record is to cause controversy where none need exist.”

Three council positions are up for election in November. Councilors Armstrong, Warner and Guinn will face the electorate. The mayor’s position will also be on the November ballot. Terms expire in January 2013 when elected city leaders will be seated.

Filing for the positions opened May 30, with a deadline of August 28, 2012. Interested individuals can obtain information from Oregon votes.

Council meetings are broadcast on Coos Media Center, channel 14.



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2 Responses to “Dunn appointed to City Council”

  1. lightoftruth says:

    Now that Mayor Gowan has his controllable council majority in place, a few observations from the video of the meeting. Does Bert Guin have an eye condition, or was he showing affection for Naomi Parker and Dean Warner? I noticed after the vote for Dunn and the Naomi being chaperoned agenda item he winked at both.

    Did you observe Stacy Dunn after being seated next to Councilor Elaine Armstrong, lean well into her space trying to read her notes, while she was speaking during the Naomi agenda item? Was Mr. Dunn’s ignoble act purely a lack of manners on his part, or was he simply trying to educate himself on the issue?

    BYOPAP (Bring Your Own Popcorn And Peanuts)

  2. kp says:

    Oh goodie! This gives me something too look forward too. Now I can watch this Clowncilman over and over again on video. It will make for great entertianment.

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