Reedsport initiative petition attempts to put voter in charge of pocket book

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Collecting 450 signers, a Reedsport Initiative Petition to require voter approval of any creation or increase of taxes or user fees has qualified for the May election. It will be known as Measure 10-119. A heated campaign is on as opponents square off on the measure. The campaign slogan for the proponents is “Give Reedsport Voters a VOICE ……..Say YES to Measure 10-119″

Those opposing the measure have posted signs saying “For the Future of Reedsport, Vote No on Measure 10-119″

The ballots are in the mail.

Sirens song

Measure 10-119 has settled into a contest between those who are staggering under high user fee assessment and those who appear to be comfortable with the $112.00 sewer and water user fees.

It is the sirens song: It says “Spend your children’s inheritance!” This comes from a strange place. It is from one of our neighborhood doctors! A small majority listened to him and allowed that to happen to the schools. Do you remember “Healthy Schools equal a healthy Community”? They have new windows they did not need and new roofs that might have been deferred. They have a new facade to make you think they would be a better place.

But the enrollment declines along with the Math scores. Was this a good prescription?

Now he would scare you into thinking that city government would collapse if  you vote to take $24.00 per month back until they properly ask for  you to grant that to them.

Who is mentally challenged here? Measure 10-119 has nothing to do with the General Fund operating budget of the city. It will not cause services to decrease or employment to be reduced. It is a fabrication to suggest any of this. Adults will know better!

The issue is the same as the flame that birthed this great nation. It is Taxation without Representation. Should Reedsport continue a tyranny that simply consumes your resources without your permission?

The Educators should know the answer to this. But their letters indicate either a challenged mentality or a fabricating mind.

Mayor Tymchuck does not trust you to make decisions, which is why he engineered an end run of the voters. A proper elected official would have determined the problem (there was none!) and sought the most reasonable solution (a paint job). He would then have made you aware of the solution and its cost. He would have scheduled an election and encouraged your support.

You very likely would have provided the authority to purchase the paint!

Ever increasing user fees are causing an evacuation of our community never before experienced. Property values have plummeted.

The absolute worst thing about unbridled user fees is that they create a slush fund: One that can and has been abused.

Measure 10-119 is simply an attempt to bridle the user fees. This we should do! We know that some community resources have escaped the open gate, but better late than never, the gate should be closed!


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