Flue fire on lake property

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Lakeside Fire responded to a 911 call at 71112 Majestic Shores Rd on April 27, 2012. The initial call to dispatch was  generated by an alarm company. The residence is out of all local fire districts jurisdictions.

Lakeside responded in a mutual aid to Hauser Fire. Lakeside responded with Water Rescue One across the lake. Additional units included an engine, medical, and command vehicle.

Hauser responded with two engines and a command vehicle and North Bay responded with a RAV (a quick response emergency vehicle).

The fire originated in a fireplace flue. The fire place was located on the main floor of the residence. The owner had tried to extinguish the fire while the responding agencies were in route. Water Rescue One was  the first arriving suppression apparatus. Arriving  approximately ten minutes after departure from the Tenmile county dock.

Water Rescue One set up a water supply and hose line onto the roof of the residence to begin suppression of the fire. The flue fire was successfully extinguished by the boat crew prior to arrival of the additional apparatus from Lakeside Hauser and North Bay.

The residence was still releasing large quantities of heat and some smoke. That indicated that further investigation would be necessary. As engines began arriving  at the residence an interior structure team set up hose lines and salvage covers to protect as much of the home owners  property as possible. The roof team began removal of the chimney cover .

The heat in the flue pipe was remaining  constant and was the indication that there was still fire present in the structure. The fire had become incipient.

Cutting away a portion of the interior roof revealed the fire trapped between the exterior roof and the interior ceiling. The fire was then completely extinguished .

The entire process from initial alarm to all clear was approximately three hours. The residence suffered minor damage. There were no injuries and no fatalities.

Fifteen fire personnel responded from three districts. Three engines, one Rav, one medical rescue and Lakeside’s Water Rescue One responded for this alarm.

Submitted by Lakeside FIre Chief Ted Ross

Photo by John “Ringo” Reiss


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  1. soccerfan says:

    Is this residence within the City of Lakeside limits? Do their property taxes include an assessment for fire protection? Or, do they expect to receive this kind of response for nothing?

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