Another faction files recalls in Lakeside

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Petitions are beng circulated in Lakeside for the recall of Mayor Ed Gowan, Councilor Naomi Parker and Councilor Eddy Langley, (no relation to Dennis Langley). This is the second recall filed in Lakeside this past week, the first being against Councilor Sue Allen, with petitions being circulated for that recall as well.

According to Chief Petitioner Darline Atkin it is in answer to the recall filed against one of the hardest working and most prepared Lakeside councilors, Sue Allen. Atkin believes the charges leveled at Allen in the Mildred M. Dover-Bennett aka Midge Viedo statement for recall are “bogus.”

Atkin see’s the recall against the three named in her recall as justified, but would have waited on the voters to speak in the next elections but for the agressive action of the Dover-Bennett faction. “It would just be wrong for Sue Allen to get recalled, stated Atkin. They will get the signatures necessary to put it on the ballot, Atkin stated confidently.  She is hopeful that the other side will see the wisdom in letting it die and wait for the next regular election.”

“Voter’s for Fairness headed by Atkin’s said, “we will submit our signatures when, and if, she submits hers. That way the city will only pay for one ballot.”

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Editor’s note: Mr. Mayor, if you’d like to end your ban of speaking to and would like to clarify any of your positions for our reports, you know how to get in touch.

We make the same offer to all the councilor’s.

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3 Responses to “Another faction files recalls in Lakeside”

  1. powderpuff says:

    Yep, proud of that Lakeside way of thinkin. Lets get the new kid on the block (Allen) who comes to the meetings prepared, researches, looks into ways of cutting insurance costs, gets the meetings televised and computerized, and the cities website going so lets recall her.

    If their reason was “she’s too smart to live in Lakeside” you might have a point.

    Lets all rally behind a mayor who bullies people, admits in the world newspaper that he threatened councilor Eubanks, brings guns to meetings, harrasses the hell out of charlie hill (Yes I have seen it) and brings his puppet Langley along for the ride because he wasn’t smart enough to know he’s being used. Then you throw in “nit-pick Parker” who thinks council meetings are “The Naomi Show” and it looks like we got ourselves a reality show.

    I will sign recalls for Gowan, Parker and Langley anyday. It’s just to bad we can’t recall Jessica and Midge as well.

  2. geewiz says:

    I have noticed some editing of my posts. That is fine with me. I know that my grammar and comprehension are approved of so it is better to error on the side of caution. After all the Dunn threat is looming large in Lakeside.

    Powderpuff, I completely understand the mind set of Mildred and Jessica. If it is good, honest, right, wholesome, or true it must be wrong.
    Expecting me to be dishonest to myself is not going to happen. The cheap low worthless people behind this recall at may just find that they have failed. Then there will be three council members that can not be recalled on the cities dime. Then the vote no three will only be able to be recalled on the lowlifes money. Which we know will not ever materialize unless the same money backer that bailed out coast lake news puts up the money.

    On the other hand I keep hearing that the vote yes three, Parker (does not want to read her name on this site) Langley (does not know if his name is on this site) and Gowan ( who tells Langley when his name is on this site ) will most likely all lose their seats in the recall that is against them.

    Sometimes people with power should be careful of what they wish for. Gowan is a veteran at recalls. This will be his second time to be recalled . With his experience at failed city government he may consider writing a book. Gowanism and the failure to drain Lakeside. Or Going down for the second time.


  3. butterfly says:

    “Powderpuff” What a novel idea, a reality show about Lakeside.

    I vote Stacy Dunn as Town Cop, that would make us prime time.

    How truly sad that we have to go through this again. Seems like when Midge is doing her dirty work, she drops “Pastor”. I’d be ashamed to hold that title myself with her actions of lies and unbalanced behavior.

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