Recycling cardboard

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The cardboard boat races are an annual event sponsored by the Lakeside Chamber of Commerce on Tenmile Lake, in Lakeside, Oregon.

A prize drawing of $50 was won by Voldemort’s Doom, Ryan Chase, for preregistration.

A 50/50 drawing prize of $285 was won by Naomi Parker.

The race featured four categories with events in each:

• Pollywogs, age 8 & under, First – Smurfs – Joey & Toby Van Rooyen

First – The Flash – Kameron Langley

• Kids, age 8-11 First – Ringo’s Floataway – Alex Reiss

Second – The Rose – Taylor George

• Kids, two person First – Commander – Ethan Salathe,& Paul Bellinger

Second – Patriot -Nico Manson

Third – Swift Swimmer – Megan Farmer & Natasha Rader

• Juniors, age 12-14 First – Minnow – Kaila Edwards

Second – Ringo’s Flaotaway – Michael Reiss

Third – Voldemort’s Doom – Ryan Chase

• Junior, two person First – Ringo’s Floataway – Alex Reiss -& Jesse Babcock

Second – Purple Arrow – Jesse Babcock & Shane Babcock

• Adult First – The Minnow – David Dixon

Second – Coos Goose – Derek Quinn

Third – Wing-n It – Taylor Padgett

Adult, two person First – Walt’s Short Bus Racing – Jason Reiss & Theron Gerber

Second – Knights of the Black Dragon – Ernie Betancourt

Third – DV8ER – John Ortega & Canon Lingreen

Adult, three person First DV8ER – John Ortega, Derek Quinn & Zach Johnson

Second – Blue by You – Luke Kuchn, Theron Gerber & Lacey Nelson

Special Awards

Best Boat and Crew: The Novot with Angela Lauren & Brie Thiele

Most Imaginative Boat: Knights of the Black Dragon with Brian Gilfillan & ERnie Betancourt

Start saving cardboard for next years races.



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3 Responses to “Recycling cardboard”

  1. Sue Allen says:

    This is always a very fun event, and we may have seen the largest attendance so far. A good, clean, fun time was had by all. Everyone was a winner, just for participating.

    This was a job well done” by the Chamber of Commerce and all the volunteers who were there to make things go smoothly. Where would Lakeside be without it’s small army of volunteers who always seem to show up?

    Be sure to start planning your own boat for next year’s races. You’ll have a blast.

  2. jivedokken says:

    Naomi Parker should give up her winnings to the poor seniors, put her free money where her mouths are…

  3. hummingbird says:

    This is one event that should remain a Lakeside tradition. Thank you to all the entrants for a great effort and a fun show.
    Naomi bought a ticket just like everyone else. I hope she enjoys every penny. Too often community volunteers become targets. If you think you can do a better job, then volunteer!

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